Astronomy Star Gazing & Camping - Meteor Shower Special

Date & Time

From: Saturday 21 Dec 2019 06:00 PM
To: Sunday 22 Dec 2019 06:00 AM

Near Kondgav village, Khanapur-Velha Road, 8 Kms from Khanapur
₹ 1400 (Veg) | ₹ 1550 (Non-Veg) | ₹ 1000 (Child below 8)
Age Group 5+
Capacity 50 Persons

Event Details



Dearest Astronomy Lover,

Amateur Astronomers Group brings you yet another Stargazing night and this time it is Ursid Meteor Shower Special !

A meteor or shooting star is a spectacular thing to witness, and when it's a meteor shower, you don't want to miss this !

Ursid - named as the meteors will appear to come from the direction of constellation Ursa Minor. Ursids will peak on 21st night (early morning of 22nd December) and we will witness about 5-15 meteors per hour.

Along with that, we will observe the spectacular rings of Saturn, Craters on the Moon, Nebulae and many Star Clusters through our advanced telescopes.

Astonishing astronomical videos on projector, Quiz competition and lot many discussions on topics such as Black HolesGravityBig Bang and Time Travel !

Its time to leave the city lights behind and enjoy a great night under the stars. Countless wonders await you....



  Observations through our powerful telescopes

  • Rings of Saturn
  • Mountains and Craters on the Moon surface
  • Open and Globular Star clusters
  • Double Stars, Nebulae and many deep sky objects



   Along with that,

  • Astonishing astronomical videos and informative presentations on LCD projector
  • High quality tents for accommodation
  • Tasty Maharashtrian cuisine prepared on Chulha
  • Bonfire, Discussions and much more!




Veg Rs.1400/- per person
Non-Veg Rs.1550/- per person
Children(below 8) Rs.1000/- per person


Charges include:

  • Topic expertise
  • Powerful, advanced telescopes
  • High quality Tents for accommodation
  • LCD projector
  • Place arrangement
  • Snacks
  • Dinner
  • Tea/Coffee

Charges exclude:

  • Transport arrangement
  • Anything else which is not mentioned above


If you have DSLR Camera, Telescope or Binoculars, please bring'em along.
Don't forget to invite your friends !

Please note - Only first 50 entries will be considered.
Book your seats right away before the event is full.

For bookings and queries:
Shruti:      9167977586
Bhushan:  9730470641



Clear Skies everyone!
Amateur Astronomers Group, Pune.

Join us to unfold your curiosity !



  • We start from very basics of Astronomy, therefore no need of prior knowlege of subject.
  • We provide group discount of Rs. 50/- per head for group of 10 or more.
  • Advanced bookings only. No on the spot entries.
  • Strictly non alcoholic event.
  • Tents are provided on sharing basis.
  • Washroom facilities available.
  • In case of bad weather, event may get cancelled or postponed.
  • This is pure educational event and our honest try to popularize astronomy. No bargaining please.

Reviews & Ratings

It was an amazing and mind blowing experience :) :) ... everyone must try it \m/
27-12-2019 03:44 pm
Ulhas Shete
The group probably calls themselves Amateurs out of modesty, but they actually managed to induce a lot of inspiration in me and my children for gathering wholesome information about the celestial bodies in the universe. Their conduct and orientation was thoroughly professional, and the place is well suited for observing many planets and stars at night time. The group provided simple but effective tools for observations like the mirror telescope and good presentations on laptop projector. Other arrangements like tents and dinner etc. were also apt.
27-12-2019 12:51 pm

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