Amateur Astronomers Group

Opp. Santosh Hall, A22 Shantanu Building
Sinhagad Road, Charwad Nagar,
Pune, Maharashtra - 411051

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About Us

Did you know you can see a galaxy two and half million light-years away with your unaided eyes? Craters on the Moon with binoculars? Ever wondered what are the constellations and how to identify them? How does the other planets in our solar system look like? Are you curious about the Space and Universe? Are you interested in gaining more knowledge about our Cosmos?

Join us to unfold your curiosity! Countless wonders await you...

Who we are?
We are group of Amateur Astronomers and  Astronomy Enthusiasts based in Pune. With an experience of more than five years in this field, we are continuously working on to popularize Astronomy in the society.
We arrange public Star Gazing Sessions near Pune, where we satisfy the curiosity of people about Astronomy. We have advanced telescopes and binoculars which assist us to explore the wonders of the universe!

Our additional activities include:

  • Conducting lecture series and quiz competitions in schools and colleges
  • Open events for observing Moon and other planets
  • Messier hunting sessions for intermediate level astronomy enthusiasts

We also conduct sky gazing sessions and presentations for private audience. Please reach us if you wish to conduct a special session for your group.